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Trim your wick!

Soy wax is known to last longer than other waxes when burning a candle, but what can you do to make it last even longer? The answer is simple: trim your wick.

The wicks that we use in our candles are called CD wicks. CD wicks are non-directional, coreless flat cotton braided wicks that contain paper filaments throughout the wick. With it's increased rigidity, its able to ensure a consistent burn with higher fragrance loads. It' s made to purposefully 'mushroom' to not only contribute to having a consistent burn but to also keep the wax clean of debris and for easy trimming.

Now let me explain, a 'coreless' wick is a good thing when you want a clean burn. When a wick has a core, it means there is a piece of zinc or tin going up through the wick making it stiff. Even though studies have shown that zinc and tin are safe to burn, they still have emissions, and we at Green Earth Aromatherapy would rather be safe than sorry. When you burn your candle and you see a ball forming on the top on the wick, that's called 'mushrooming' or a 'mushroom.' Don't worry! Your candle is perfectly ok! It's just time to trim the wick!

Why is it important to trim your wick you ask? Well first and fore most it will increase the life span of your candle. If your candle wick is too long, it can become too hot for the glass jars and cause them to break. A flame that is too tall can also make your candle burn improperly. A flame that is too hot can also affect how well the fragrance is released. Trimming your wick will also prevent any wick debris from falling into the wax and creating ugly black streaks in it.

When you trim your wick, the easiest way is to use Wick Trimmers. Wick trimmers are long scissor-like cutters with a small plate at the end to catch the debris you are cutting off. They are angled just right to fit inside a jar without having to stick your hand in too. We have these available on our website if you need some. Now before you light your candle, check the wick. Is it bigger than 1/4 inch? If so, it's time for a trim! You want to be sure the wick isn't bigger than 1/4 inch but also not smaller than 1/8 inch. If you trim your wick smaller than 1/8 inch, your wick will get flooded and prevent you from burning your candle.

The wick is a very important part of your candle and requires just a little maintenance. Now that you know why and how to take care of your candle, you'll have the best candle experience.

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