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During a new moon, we take time to reflect and set intentions for the near future.

We use the Palo Santo stick to help bring in the positive energies around us.


During a full moon, we take the time to cleanse the mind, body and space around us from all negative energies.

We use the sage stick to smudge ourselves and the area around us to let go of the negative energies we have built up.


We’ve combined our New Moon and Full Moon Cleansing boxes to create our NEW Abundance Moon Box!

The Abundance Moon Box has everything you need for both the New Moon and the Full Moon!

The Abundance Moon Box includes:

- Mini jar of matches

For the New Moon:

-3oz Palo Santo candle

-Palo Santo smudge stick

-New Moon blessings for self and space

For the Full Moon:

-3oz Blue Sage candle

-Sage smudge stick

-Full Moon blessings for self and space

Abundance Moon Box


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